About Me

Me at 'Special Area' - Photo taken by Me

Me at ‘Special Area’ – Photo taken by Me

***Please note that this is the old website – the new website can be found here***

I grew up in Western Sydney, Australia where I always dreamed of living in the bush. I now call the awe-inspiring Blue Mountains home, where I like to embark on many adventures and expeditions into the wilderness.

I have always had a keen interest in the outdoors and sport, but never really got to step into the wilderness as a kid. Now at every opportunity I find myself in the bush, walking new found trails or deviating from old ones. I love the bush and recommend it to everyone. The bush has a calming effect on me and hiking out there is great for your health an well-being as well.

I have recently gained an interest in photography which is driving my love for the wilderness and nature. More often than not when I am out in the bush I will  be lugging my DSLR camera around too, always looking for something that I can shoot.

I proudly volunteer for the Rural Fire Service.

All the images I use on this site were taken by me (or someone in my party).

I hope I can share my knowledge and experience to encourage others to step into the wilderness too!

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